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About Innnovasafeinc

Innovative Approach

Innnovasafeinc was founded and was Incorporated in 2017 as a Money Transfer & Crypto advisor, Dissolved in 2019 and Relaunched in 2020 as an escrow service provider. We are Powered by Innovation, Talent, Integrity and Commitment. This makes our escrow solution secured, and available for everyone to use. Our dashboard and transaction approach are modernised and simple for every user to comprehend. Our customer service team are also willing to help make your experience with us splendid.

Full Compliance

As part of our security measures, we ensured that payments from both party are confirmed before releasing funds.

Fast Withdrawal

We understand the importance of speed to our clients,once transaction is processed, the traded coin can be withdrawn instantly.


Transaction Process

Create an Account

Follow the sign up link to quickly create an account.

Create an Escrow

Create a new escrow from you dashboard and enter the transaction details.

Confirm Invitation

Both traders agree to term and join the escrow room using the unique transaction id provided.

Escrow Funding

Both traders fund the escrow system,in other to initiate transaction.

Payment Confirmation

Funds will remain in the escrow system until payment is confirmed by both parties.

Funds Released

Once payment is confirmed, the funds will be released to the both traders and can be withdrawn instantly.

Source: CurrencyRate

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You should choose us

Crypto Traders can rest knowing Innnovasafeinc Transfer and Exchange system secures their funds until the both traders send payment to the escrow solution Buyers and Sellers never need to worry about how the payment will be settled between their partners. Once we have confirmed payment from both parties, They can withdraw and their funds will released automatically at most within Hours.Our system is safe and here to help you avoid being scammed. Most importantly, We are here for you as a security system when you set up a trade with our company.

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